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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Langley, BC

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, usually emerge between 17 and 25 years of age. However, not everyone has problems with their wisdom teeth once they have emerged. Extraction only becomes necessary when wisdom teeth become impacted or cause other complications, such as pain associated with an infection.

What is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

It is a wisdom tooth that fails to emerge fully through the gums due to lack of space in the jaw, or it emerges at the wrong angle. This can lead to swelling, pain, infection and damage to neighbouring teeth. This is when your Langley dentist will suggest you have the wisdom tooth extracted to prevent the emergence of further painful problems with the tooth.  

Simple Extraction

This involves the removal of a fully erupted wisdom tooth that can be seen in the mouth. The Langley dentist will numb the affected area with local anaesthesia; the tooth will then be loosened with a specialist instrument called an elevator. Forceps are then used to fully extract the tooth. This procedure is usually quite straightforward.

Surgical Extraction

Surgical extraction may be required for an impacted wisdom tooth, or for one that has not fully erupted. The dentist may only be able to access the tooth by making an incision in the gum tissue. Sometimes the tooth may have to be removed in small pieces as this makes the removal easier. 

Age When Wisdom Tooth Needs Extracting

The age when a wisdom tooth may need extracting is not fixed. Some people never experience problems with wisdom teeth, but others might need a wisdom tooth extraction in their late teens. However, it’s typically recommended to monitor the state of wisdom teeth by attending a regular Langley dental check-up.

Process for Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Before the extraction begins, the dentist will examine the affected wisdom tooth thoroughly which may involve an x-ray.  Depending on how complex the extraction is likely to be, the procedure might take place at a Langley oral surgery or in hospital. Following the extraction, the patient will be given instructions for monitoring the after effects of the extraction.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Langley
Aftercare Tips - Langley

Wisdom Teeth Removal and Aftercare Tips

After a wisdom tooth extraction in Langley, it’s vital to follow the instructions provided by the dentist.  This might include the following:

  • taking antibiotics and prescribed pain medication as directed by the Langley Dentist;
  • the application of ice packs to reduce discomfort and swelling;
  • eating just soft foods and avoiding spicy foods and hard, chewy food for a few days;
  • avoiding too many strenuous activities;
  • rinsing the mouth out with warm salt water which will help to keep the extraction area clean.

Following these tips should help promote the healing process and lower the risk of any complications following the wisdom tooth extraction.


When do wisdom teeth need extracting, including an impacted wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth may need extracting if they’re impacted, which can cause pain, swelling, infection, or they are damaging surrounding teeth. Impaction takes place when there’s not sufficient room for the tooth to correctly emerge which can lead to ongoing problems. , 

What if they’re not hurting do we still need to extract?

Even if wisdom teeth aren’t causing any serious pain, extraction could still be necessary in order to prevent possible future problems occurring. Regular Langley dental check-ups should help to monitor their development and determine if extracting is the only option. 

What is the wisdom tooth extraction recovery time?

An extraction recovery time may vary but it usually takes about 7 days for the initial healing to take place. Complete recovery could take several weeks which primarily depends on the complexity of the extraction and the health of the patient.

Does gum disease in a wisdom tooth mean an extraction is necessary?

Gum disease around a wisdom tooth may indicate the presence of an infection meaning extraction might be a treatment option. Consultation with a dentist or a Langley oral surgeon is necessary in order to determine the right treatment.

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