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Sedation Dentistry Langley 

Patients may require Langley sedation for dental procedures for a variety of reasons, ranging from requiring anxiety management to pain control and a recommendation from your sedation dentist in Langley. The dental setting for some people often raises stress levels and fear sometimes takes over even going as far as experiencing a dental phobia.  Sedation helps resolve these concerns so the patient can undergo necessary dental treatment comfortably. Sedation also complements the use of a local anaesthesia by providing extra pain relief so that the patient is relaxed throughout the procedure. 

Some dental procedures require sedation dentistry in Langley more than others such as wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants and gum grafting. Oral conscious sedation dentistry lets the dentist work efficiently while the patient isn’t experiencing any discomfort and anxiety. 


sedation dentistry Langley
Langley sedation

The different types of sedation are:

  • Oral sedation,
  • Nitrous oxide,
  • General anaesthesia,
  • IV Sedation.

Oral sedation 

This involves administering a sedative medication in a pill or liquid form before the dental procedure. This medication which is typically benzodiazepines such as diazepam or lorazepam, brings about a state of drowsiness and relaxation which lowers discomfort and anxiety during treatment at the sedation dentistry Langley clinic. This is the sedation method that is primarily used for Syed’s dental work at the Langley sedation clinic.

Nitrous Oxide

This is often called laughing gas. It is an odourless, colorless gas which is administered using a mask that is secured over the patient’s nose. The patient experiences a mild euphoric effect that helps them relax and be anxiety free throughout a dental procedure while still remaining conscious. Nitrous oxide acts quickly and wears off quickly so that the anxious patient can quickly resume normal activities not long after treatment.

General Anaesthesia 

This involves using intravenous drugs and inhaled gases to initiate unconsciousness, so that the anxious patient isn’t aware when the dentistry is taking place. It is usually reserved for more complicated dental procedures. 

IV Sedation or Intravenous Sedation

This involves injecting sedative drugs through the vein into the bloodstream. This sedation method at dental Langley allows the dentist to easily control the level of sedation and is commonly used for moderate to bring about deep sedation during dental procedures.

langley sedation dental clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

#1: Are there any side effects from sedation dentistry?

Side effects from sedation dentistry may vary depending on the type and dosage of the sedative used. The most common side effects are nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, and temporary memory loss. 

#2: How long does it take to recover after sedation for a dental procedure?

Often, patients may feel groggy or drowsy for a few hours following the procedure. Depending on the type of sedation used, it is recommended that patients avoid driving, operating any type of machinery, or making vital decisions for at least twenty four hours after the sedation.

#3: How does a patient feel once the dental procedure is over? 

Following a dental procedure when sedation has been used the patient is likely to feel sleepy, groggy and disoriented, or sleepy. To minimize disruption following oral conscious sedation dentistry required for Syed’s dental work, it’s necessary for the patient to rest to ensure a smooth recovery takes place.

#4: When is sedation dentistry most helpful?

Sedation dentistry has proved to be the most helpful for patients who experience dental phobia or anxiety and for patients who need to undergo a lengthy or complex dental procedure in Langley. It helps to eliminate fear that so often plagues patients particularly those that know they require dental treatment but are too afraid to make a dental appointment at their Langley dentist.

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