Routine Check-Up / Hygiene

Plaque And Tartar Removal

Dental plaque, calculus are removed from the teeth to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Bacteria multiply on tartar, which can cause gingivitis, periodontitis or caries. Severe periodontitis (gum disease) causes one-third of all tooth loss in adults.

To remove tartar, an ultrasonic cavitron or special manual tartar removers are used. The duration of cleaning does not depend on the number of teeth, it depends on the amount of plaque and tartar accumulation. The more tartar or plaque builds up, the longer it will take to remove

Depending on the depth of the gingiva and home care, patients will be deployed for either 6 months, 4 months, or 3 months for withdrawal or follow-up.


Polishing paste is used to remove any stains. Depending on the severity of the stains, the grain size of the polishing paste is selected.


Fluoride benefits both children and adults. Fluoride only inhibits the growth of harmful oral bacteria and further prevents cavities, but cannot remove decay. Fluoride treatment may be provided in the form of a fluoride rinse, foam, gel, or varnish. The treatment can be applied with a brush, tray or mouthwash. The application only takes a few minutes. Your dentist will give you instructions after fluoride application, depending on the type of fluoride used.

Ramneet , Hygienist

Ramneet has been in the dental field for over 14 years, starting her career as a Certified Dental Assistant. She quickly became passionate about dentistry and graduated from the Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene in 2015 with high honours. Ramneet believes that it is her utmost priority to create a comfortable environment for her patients. She enjoys building relationships with her patients and educating them on the importance of their overall oral health.

Outside the office, she loves spending quality time with her husband and two kids.
She looks forward to helping you put your best smile on every day!

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